Options & Ideas

So, the list is ready for launch. There’s 3 ideas I’ve got that I’m not sure how they’ll go.

1. Champion Icons on list.

Next to each Champion, there will be a picture of the champion. Just a small 32×32 icon ( half as big as the facebook and twitter icons on the side )

2. Champion Icons as links.

We currently have a sorting system that allows you to select a letter, and you jump down to that letter on the list. We can probably replace this with an array of champion icons, that link down to the champion represented. Again, small icons.

3. Back to Top.

There’s currently a thing at the top of the browser that brings you to the top of the page, but not everyone would see it. Wanted to put in an option below each champion’s skins to return to top. Think I might save that one for when the list is larger.

I’m gonna ask a few friends what they think. Get back to y’all.

About ~Jason

@Jason_OCE on twitter.
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