What’s up, Reddit?


If you want to skip the bullcrap, click on the “Skin List” link above to get going.

For the rest of you, I’d like to say, Welcome to the Skin List!

For  a full look at what we’re doing, feel free to check the “About” section. Here’s the introductory TL;DR of the purpose and history of the lol skin list.

The LoL Skin List is aiming to be a central hub for ideas people, artists, and designers. We take all the cool concepts the community ( that’s you! ) come up with, and file them in an easy(ish) to use list for all to see. Artists get the chance to submit their artwork for the list, and even catch inspiration from our amass of suggestions that might not have artwork yet.

Now we’re nowhere near complete. There’s THOUSANDS of awesome concepts out there, and we’ll eventually grow to have most of them, but for now when it’s just me running things, with a slight help from a friend or two here and there, we’re starting off small.

If you want to see us grow, and you don’t feel like applying for an administrator position, just throw suggestions at us using the suggest a skin form. GG EZ

Where we began

The Skin List began on the North American forums, a little while before OCE got it’s own server. Once that happened, the list migrated to where barely anyone would see it. After reaching maximum characters on two posts, we moved to an independent community page on a local eSports news website DuoQueue, but this ain’t no eSports. I didn’t want a lot of passion and work to go to waste, so it sat on my to do list for some time.

Two weeks ago, I found the list again, and worked on it a bit, but it was still a side project with no real audience or attention. Then a week ago, I decided, screw it, let’s see where this can actually go. I invested the next few days in to migrating and optimising the list ( you can see my progress on the home page posts I made, addressed to noone ). Eventually, the list became solid, and ready for human consumption ( yes, you ).

I was hesitant about releasing the list when it’s still pretty small, but at least now we can all build on it together! I wanted to post to Reddit first, because it’s a pretty awesome community. Besides, if Reddit can get behind a challenger team, they can get behind awesome skin concepts. Anyone can suggest a skin every now and then, but if you have passion and skills that you want to get on board, you can check out the Admin Application page.

also, putting a link back to the comments section of reddit Here, just in case people ( like me ) want to go back, for whatever reason. I also have to give a shoutout to reddit user /u/theKonster , the original creator of the LoL themed snoos in the above image. Much love to that guy.

Enjoy the site, guys!

About ~Jason

@Jason_OCE on twitter.
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