Looking back, and Looking forward

We launched just under a week ago, and it’s about time I  recollected my thoughts for you guys.

My aim was to get some international attention, so we can spread this concept across multiple regions. I took to Reddit, as it’s a community that usually loves ideas like this, but sadly, our voice was drowned out. We did get a bit of traffic, but because we didn’t get trending, we fell short. I don’t regret trying, Reddit is pretty awesome. When I posted around my local groups, we got a lot of local traffic, however we’re a pretty small region.

What we need now, is two things. Firstly, is more staff. It’s currently just me here. I’ve had one or two people contact the page willing to help out, and I’m hoping to hear back from them. The thing is, they are all locals. We need to reach international waters.

Secondly, we need more international attention. I’m hoping that if we get staff going in additional regions, we can market that to get us known a bit. That’s the hope, anyway.

I thank you guys for hanging out with us in our early days. Here’s to future success!


About ~Jason

@Jason_OCE on twitter.
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