We’re a website with a simple concept, to bring all the best League of Legends skin ideas in one place. Why? well, that’s a bit more complicated…..

Our page began as a forum post in 2014, and after exceeding the character limit on 2 replies, we moved to a webpage within the DuoQueue network. Our friends there gave us a fair bit of help, and built up the minimal base of a community. Due to the larger operations going on, the skin list was overlooked for a fair while. In May, the original creator of the list ~Jason, decided to make the LoL skin list an independent project, in hopes of getting it more active.

Our objectives are relatively simple;

  • Create
    Provide an open community where people can submit their skin suggestions and artwork.
  • Inspire
    Provide an open platform of original concept ideas from all cultures to get artists doing what they do.

 What you can do

  • Suggesting Skin ideas
    Come up with an awesome idea for a skin, give it some description and send it through to us.
  • Sharing Skin artwork
    If you see artwork for an epic skin concept, and you have to share it, throw it at us! we love making sure the artists get the recognition they deserve.
  • Create your own
    Get some inspiration from our array of ideas, and get creative! if it’s good, it’ll end up linked on our list.
  • Get on board
    We’re looking for a few people to help out behind the scenes, and represent lolskinlist internationally.

 What we’ve done

After a long, sleep deprived week, The Skin List turned from a page on an eSports website to an independent website, and organisation. Our back end is still pretty messy from a coder’s perspective, but now we’ve got the framework done for a really nice website. one that’s easy to use, and has a lot of ways people can get involved. Of course, this didn’t just randomly appear after failing to summon our lord and savior Cthulu. We’re here because of a dedicated admin team. ( well, admin, currently )


 Admin Team


Original poster, website owner, skin ideas guy, and has really long hair. Doesn’t have much talent for drawing or digital art, but does edit videos for various youtube channels. Jason is a community event coordinator, and has been around the OCE League of Legends community since the start of 2011 ( longer than OCE servers have existed )

admin here.

Could this be you?

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