Legal, and our Transparency Policy

LoLSkinList is a passion project, not set for any profitability.

There are many marketable aspects of LoLSkinList, however we are not pursuing them, as money is not our goal. Our goal is to provide an open service for all to use and contribute to.

All ideas are either in open domain, or property of their original owner. If an idea is legally copyrighted by the original owner of said intellectual property, and they can cite one reason they don’t want their idea on this list, then contact the admins, and we’ll happily remove it. That’s a lot of effort for a dot point.

All artworks are properties of their original owners. LoLSkinList will attempt to cite all artworks to their original owners as best we can. If there is a mistake, or an incorrect citation, simply contact the admin team and we’ll fix it up best we can. We do not claim ownership of any works, unless otherwise stated.

Donating will not be available upon launch, we don’t want to look like an overnight money grab. When Donating goes live, all donations will go towards covering expenses ( hosting, domain registration, licenses ect. ). If profit is made ( and I doubt it will ever be made ) then profits will go towards promotional events, or rewarding admin loyalty. LoLSkinList’ owner Jason will not receive anything until further notice. It’s not his intention.

The term LoL is a reference to the copyrighted material League of Legends. In their End User License Agreement ( EULA ) and Media statements ( available somewhere at Riot Games’ website ) it states that fan sites can use the term, under fair use. We are not infringing on any copyrights, nor do we claim copyright ownership of League of Legends, or Riot Games’ properties.

We are setting up our website so that our staff, and our choices are very transparent in nature. What you see is exactly what we meant, and what you’ll get. If you see anything that doesn’t align with our views, feel free to let us know. We aim to please.

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