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Aatrox Aatrox

Dreadnight Aatrox

  • The Darkin taking on a Dreadnight look, awesome looking wings

Soul Reaver Aatrox

  • Similar style to Soul Reaver Draven. Blue mythic feel and effects.
  • Skin concept artwork found Here
  • Another one found Here

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Ahri Ahri

BattlePrime Ahri

  • Spiky orb, metal type skin

Girls Generation Ahri ( popstar Ahri )

  • Based on the kPop group that her dance is based off. Been on NA forums for a while.
  • Original idea, Click here

Pool Party Ahri

  • “Because…. why not?”
  • Reference art Here

Luminous Ahri

  • Rainbow Ahri, pretty much

Sporty Ahri

  • Her orb now a sportsball, her skills interacting appropriately.

Dark one Ahri

  • A demonic version of our favourite succubus.

Shrouded Ahri

  • Ahri is fearful of the outside, and shrouds herself ( similar to another skin )

Red Light Ahri

  • Ahri, taken to the Red Light District, hired to please men…. until she murders them.
  • Artwork Here 

Schoolgirl Ahri

  • Come on, a schoolgirl with awesome powers? there’s like 1000 anime series dedicated to that. why not a skin?
  • Concept art Here

Radiant Deity Ahri

  • Imagine a white cloth karma, crossed with Ahri
  • Concept art Here

Blood Ahri

  • Ahri, bound by Blood
  • Artwork Here

Lunar Festival Ahri

  • Ahri, dressed festively for the Chinese New Year
  • Concept art Here

Crimson Elite Ahri

  • Red, Deadly theme
  • Artwork Here

Arctic Ahri

  • In appropriate snow attire, chilled effects and particles.
  • Artwork Here

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Akali Akali

Diva Akali

  • Dressed like a Female singer in black. ( Beyonce reference )

Ghost Akali

  • A shroud that is “Haunted” and eerie sounds, possibly an evil laugh

Street Akali

  • Taking on the appearance of Chun Li, from street fighter.

Samurai Akali

  • 13th Century old Japanese warrior armor and weaponry
  • Artwork seen Here

Cheer Leader Akali

  • Akali in a Cheerleader uniform, now has PomPoms. Her shroud is now a Trampoline, or maybe just confetti

Secretary Akali

  • Office Girl, wearing formal wear, and a mini skirt ( as a fan service, I guess )
  • Artwork Here ( probably NSFW )

Lunar Revel Akali

  • A chinese festive appearance, loosely based off Ran-Mao from the anime Kuroshitsuji
  • Reference image Here
  • Artwork Here

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Alistar Alistar

Goat Alistar

  • The internet loves goats, at the moment.

Defender Alistar

  • Soccer jersey and boots. His roar now sets off fanfare ( Skin Released )

Cowabunga Alistar

  • Besides the pun in the name, it’d be alistar wearing board shorts, with surfer guy hair and hat to match.
  • Original fan artwork Here

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Amumu Amumu

Voodoo Amumu

  • Takes on the look of a Voodoo Doll

Spidey Amumu

  • Spiderman suit, and webbing style effects on his abilities
  • Concept Skin Here

Elvis Amumu

  • The king of Rock, and Rock never dies.
  • Artwork Here

Spaghetti Amumu

  • Amumu as a giant Spaghetti monster. Probably based off something you’d see in ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs
  • Artwork Here

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Anivia Anivia

Fowl Anivia

  • A chicken Anivia

Human Anivia

  • Basically, Anivia as a Harpie, or something a lot more humanoid

Phoenix Anivia

  • Been around forever on forums, a phoenix version of Anivia

Snowflake Anivia

  • A more delicate form, based on snow flakes rather than Ice

Solari Hunter Anivia

  • Anivia, Armored up to face the Iron Solari. Long live the Morello Republic!
  • Reference thread / art Here

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Annie Annie

Teen Annie

  • A teenage version of Annie

Candy Land Annie

  • As seen on Summoner Showcase, gummy bear tibbers

Drop Bear Annie

  • A polar bear / koala tibbers, and an Aussie Annie

Cursed Annie

  • Annie as a torn up and repaired Doll, buttons for eyes
  • Reference image Here

Steampunk Annie

  • Annie in steampunk attire, complete with a rusted mechanical Tibbers
  • Original artwork Here

Twisted Annie

  • Taking on a haunting, gothic horror look. Tibbers is pitch black, with a white skull mask.
  • Original artwork Here

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Ashe Ashe

Hunter Ashe

  • An old style Ashe, with a hunting bow

Defender Ashe

  • Protecter of the Freljord

Undead Ashe

  • Taking a demonic undead look, with decomposing attire, and an ancient bow ( based off Sylvanas Wei
  • Reference image Here

Demon Hunter Ashe

  • White robes with red trimming, similar to some clothing from Assasins Creed
  • Original artwork Here

Demon bow Ashe

  • Similar to Demonblade Tryndamere, a corrupt weapon taking hold.
  • Original artwork Here

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Aurelionsol Aurelion Sol

Solari Aurelion Sol

  • Aurelion Sol as a star, with planets oribiting him

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Azir Azir

Necromancer Azir

  • Grim reaper of grim soldiers to fight for Shurima.
  • Original artwork found Here

Chess Azir

  • A king with his pawns. Azir becomes a glossy chess piece, and his soldiers become his pawns.
  • Originally suggested on Reddit  Here

Dark Sands Azir

  • Azir with a different royal pallet of armor. Looks pretty sweet.
  • Original artwork Here ( found here )

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Bard Bard

Blood Moon Bard

  • Masked, Red and Black attire. His magical journey takes on a waxing new moon.

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Blitzcrank Blitzcrank

Super Blitzcrank

  • A mixture of super heroes. Stretch arm, Superman’s flight, Hulk’s knockup and Human Torch explosion for the ultimate. I dunno.

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Brand Brand

Rainbow Brand

  • Pillars of flowers, and happiness

Fantastic Brand

  • Based on the human torch from the Fantastic 4, Marvel series

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Braum Braum

Full metal Braum

  • the Iron Defender

Oktoberfest Braum

  • A drink in one hand, and a bar table in the other.

Riot Braum

  • Equipped with a  Riot shield, and a winter balaclava, joining the Riot Squad.

Master Chef Braum

  • Braum in full Chef’s attire, giant poro shaped chopping block for a shield.
  • Awesome original art found Here

Braum Cena

  • Braum x Lustboy x John Cena. A TSM shield, wrestling apparel, Lustboy’s face, and bling.
  • AMAZING Animated splash art found Here

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Caitlyn Caitlyn

Cyber Caitlyn

  • Displayed on stage at Pax Aus by IronStylus, became headhunter Caitlyn

Lego Caitlyn

  • Made from lego, particle effects are lego

Sherlock Caitlyn

  • Accompanied by Watson Vi, the Dynamic Duo. Bow tie, and Vest

Mad Hatter Caitlyn

  • Colourful bunny girl from WonderLand.
  • Original art found Here

Shamrock Caitlyn

  • Green, german attire. Green cupcakes, of course.
  • Original art found Here

Harrowing Spirit Caitlyn

  • Caitlyn, taking on a haunted look. Her gun is carved out of a pumpkin.
  • Original art found Here

Debonair Caitlyn

  • A classy coat and dress, fashioned in white and black.
  • Original art found Here

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Cassiopeia Cassiopeia

Anaconda Cassiopeia

  • A water based Cassiopeia, watery effects on abilities

Ancient Cassiopeia

  • Takes on a look similar to “classical medusa”, Stonish appearance, snakes as hair

Lamia Cassiopeia

  • A more exotic, elegant Cassiopeia, movements a bit more elegant

Mermaid Cassiopeia

  • Pretty self explanatory

Year of the Dragon Cassiopeia

  • Could also be called Lunar Revel. It’s cassiopeia with Dragon Scales.
  • Original art found Here

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Cho'Gath Cho’Gath

Void Army Cho’Gath

  • Corrupted by the Void, takes on a black and purple look, red eyes

Chameleon Cho’Gath

  • Takes on a green camoflague look. possibly changes color based on what it eats.
  • Original artwork Here

Cheerleader Cho’Gath

  • Cho’gath in a cheerleader outfit, with pompoms. His spikes are pom pom glitter.

Hextech Cho’Gath

  • Rebuilt from dark metal, with green trimmings.
  • Original artwork Here

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Corki Corki

Corki 747

  • Corki takes on a familiar air craft design, with slightly dangerous modifications, such as rockets, and gatling guns.

Secret Agent Corki

  • Corki in a car, but wait! The car flies, and has rocket launchers!
  • Original art found Here

Rubber Ducky Corki

  • Corki’s ride is now a bath tub, shaped like a rubber duck.
  • Original art found Here

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Darius Darius

Dunkmaster Darius ( Released )

  • A basketball outfit, backboard as the axe

Frostknight Darius

  • Darius’ Soul now belongs to the Watchers, he fights for them, in exchange for power

Road Warrior Darius

  • Takes on a Fallout 3-esque appearance, metallic makeshift armor, and a decrepit axe.
  • Original art found Here

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Diana Diana

Justicar Diana

  • What our Moon warrior would look like as from the sun, Golden particles and textures, swan feathers

Frost Knight Diana

  • The Watches vowed to extinguish the sun, and thus, Diana has lended her blade to their cause

Eclipse Diana

  • Dark side of the moon.
  • Featured artwork Here

Northern Light Diana

  • The Aurora Boreallis based Diana, taking on a green look
  • Featured artwork Here

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Dr. Mundo Dr. Mundo

Bouncer Mundo

  • A Muscular entrance guarding Mundo in a suit.

Runaway Bride Mundo

  • Wedding Dress, and Mundo. Why not? He’s holding champagne or cake to throw.
  • Original artwork Here

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Draven Draven

Juggler Draven

  • A clown outfit, throwing batons, fire sticks, or swords.
  • Art has been found, Here

Hula Hoop Draven

  • Class bully, dressed in Gym shorts and a school shirt. The bully Draven

Ravin’ Draven

  • A hip hop raven, spinning blades that look like musical notes. sound on hit

Johnny Dravo

  • Draven, in the style of Johnny Bravo, using combs for his weapons. From OwyiSensei
  • Art posted Here

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Elise Elise

Crablord Elise

  • The spider form is a Hermit crab, with skittle crabs to follow

The Amazing Elise

  • Similar design to Spiderman in human form, and a red spider otherwise.

Aristocrat Elise

  • As seen on and suggested around the forums.

Mecha Elise

  • Black and Gold, robotic spider, based off a certain transformer.

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Ekko Ekko

Glitched Ekko

  • Ekko’s effects are glitched out. Would take a lot of new particles and such, but totally worth it.

Blood Moon Ekko

  • Red highlights, particles, trimming and effects. Possible Kimono or battle robe?

Master Arcanist Ekko

  • A dark, Arcanist version of Ekko, taking on a black and dark purple pallet.
  • Original art found Here

Time Batter Ekko

  • Street baseball is what comes to mind. A hooded Ekko, with a baseball bat.
  • Original art found Here

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Evelynn Evelynn

Arctic Ops Evelynn

  • When stealth is the best option for infiltration

Veilette Evelynn

  • A plain white shirt, and blonde hair ( Smurfette Evelynn )

Where’s Evelynn

  • Evelynn wearing Red and White stiped clothing ( where’s wally / waldo )

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Ezreal Ezreal

Kawaii Ezreal

  • Pink clothing and particles. Possible hello kitty on shirt. Derived from NA forums

Pool Party Ezreal

  • Bad sun tan, board shorts, sunscreen on face

Nomad Ezreal

  • Takes on a look similar to Sand Storm Katarina, adding sandy effects

Anime Ezreal

  • Anime style. Big eyes, anime effects.

Blood Moon Ezreal

  • Rather evil and demonic Ezreal, with red particle effects, and traditional chinese apparel.

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Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks

Human Fiddlesticks

  • Speaks for itself

Shinigami Fiddlesticks

  • Based on “Ryuk” from the death note franchise

Skeleton Fiddlesticks

  • A skeleton. Possible new effects to do with bones. Spooky.

Crowlord Fiddlesticks

  • A cross between Overlord Malzahar, and Tyrant Swain, but in Fiddlesticks. Giving him less fear, but more of a look of power.

Haunted Ship Fiddlesticks

  • A skeleton. Possible new effects to do with bones. Spooky.

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Fiora Fiora

Chosen Fiora

  • Star wars themed fiora, dressed as Leia, with a light saber.

Baker Fiora

  • Baguette on my level. Bread stick, and a baker / maid outfit.
  • Found Here

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Fizz Fizz

Volcanic Fizz

  • Our not-so-Aquatic fish, taking on a molten appearance, with a shark following suit
  • 3D model artwork found Here

Spatial Fizz

  • An Aquatic Astro version of Fizz, alien features and appearance.
  • Artwork found Here

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Galio Galio

Molten Galio

  • A molten rock lava version. Ultimate scorches the earth in the AoE

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Gangplank Gangplank

Cyber Gangplank

  • A more “modern pirate”

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Garen Garen

Uprepared Garen

  • Eyecandy for the females, original thread is circulating around NA ( and now oce )

Valoran’s Mowing Garen

  • Garen, with a whipper snipper instead of a sword, and manual labor clothes.

Batsman Garen

  • A Cricket player style version of garen, to hit for 6

Beyblader Garen

  • This needs no description.

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Gnar Gnar

Corporate Gnar

  • Mini gnar throwing paperwork at people. Giant gnar throwing a computer monitor at people.
  • Artwork found Here

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Gragas Gragas

Australia Day Gragas

  • Board shorts, Sandals.

Pool Party Gragas

  • As featured in Life Guard Rengar’s Splash

Sumo Gragas

  • A traditional sumo outfit thong thing.

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Graves Graves

Ghostbuster Graves

  • the backpack, and a vacuum type shotgun

Captain Graves

  • Hunting criminals for bounty, this Superhero themed graves would come with a cape, despite design criticisms against them.

Terminator Graves

  • Metal under the skin. You have been terminated

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Hecarim Hecarim

Reindeer Hecarim

  • A festive Hecarim, for Christmas

Feral Hecarim

  • Dedicated to Riot FeralPony. Don’t know how.

Hellish Hecarim

  • Fiery effects, head is a floating skull on fire.

Blood Moon Hecarim

  • Traditional Chinese Blood Moon armor and trimmings on our little pony.
  • Original artwork found Here

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Donger Heimerdinger

Necromancer Heimerdinger

  • Summons skeleton mages rather than turrets

Professor Heimerdinger

  • Heimerdinger takes to education.

Middleschool Heimerdinger

  • School attire, the nerd that got bullied.

Einstein Heimerdinger

  • Based off Albert Einstein, the second best scientist compared to Heimerdinger

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Illaoi Illaoi

Hawaii Illaoi

  • Illaoi wearing traditional Hawaiian attire, tropical tentacles

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Irelia Irelia

Nerf Irelia

  • Homemade armor, and Nerf weapons

Schoolgirl Irelia

  • Irelia in a school girl’s uniform, with

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Janna Janna

Harbringer Janna

  • Takes on a “Storm” look, similar to that girl from the X-Men

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Jarvan IV Jarvan IV

Jarvan the Martian

  • An Alienesque Jarvan, his ultimate being a crater

Lifeguard Jarvan

  • His flag now resembles a flag seen at the beach. Splashdown!

Ice Shard Jarvan

  • Frosted look, and creates a Frozen arena with Cataclysm. Flag is an Ice shard, spear is a fishing rod

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Jax Jax

Janitor Jax

  • A jumpsuit and a mop. Counterstrike mops the floor around him.

Tubby Jax

  • A purple teletubby Jax

Night Ninja Jax

  • Our favorite combat master in black robes, and ninja armor
  • Splash art found Here

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Jayce Jayce

M C Jayce

  • Takes on a familiar golden vest

Slumber Party Jayce

  • pillows, pyjamas, and other cool stuff

Scarlet Hammer Jayce

  • Similar to Scarlet Hammer poppy, but with new rose petal looking effects

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Jhin Jhin

Blood Moon Jhin

  • A beauitiful red take on our favorite virtuoso
  • Art found Here

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Jinx Jinx

Fort Jinx

  • A Reference to two classes on Team Fortress 2, the Heavy, and the Soldier
  • Art for “Blast Zone Jinx” found Here

Jungle Jinx

  • With an M40, and Grenade launcher, based off John matrix from Commando

Captain Jinx

  • Pirate look, beads in her hair, pirate hat and a cannon.

Stunt Double Jinx

  • Takes on the look of Evil Kenevil

Vandal Jinx

  • Going on the Vandal skin theme

Officer Jinx

  • Jinx is just trying to cause trouble, she’s having fun pretending to be the stupid goodie two shoes of Piltover

Gothic Jinx

  • Based off the anime ‘Black Rock Shooter’
  • Post for reference HERE

Space Jinx

  • Kind of astronaut, but more space styled. Futuristic looking weaponry.
  • Reference images HERE

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Kalista Kalista

Archer Kalista

  • Kalista is wearing archery clothing, and is throwing arrows. Her Rend breaks all the arrows.

Schoolgirl Kalista

  • Schoolwear attire for Kalista, with pencils and a pen pertruding from her. Her ghosts are flying books.
  • Original artwork found Here

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Karma Karma

Vandal Karma

  • Ghetto Karma, because Karma is a b****

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Karthus Karthus

Princess Karthus

  • a delicate dress for the diva the death singer should be.

Astral Karthus

  • Spaced out version of Karthus

Headmaster Karthus

  • School Headmaster holding a ruler. Q and E are books / papers, his W is ghostly school gates, and his ultimate is a pen that hangs over head.

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Kassadin Kassadin

Eternum Kassadin

  • Picture on page 13, looks wicked

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Katarina Katarina

French Maid Katarina

  • Probably just a fan service excuse, but a similar design to Nidalee’s skin of the same name

Swag Katarina

  • Katarina with a Fedora, in honor of ~Jason

Team Ulti Katarina

  • Based off Team Rocket ( R ), it’s Katarina, with a black shirt on it, with a large red R ( possibly the R from Riot? )
  • Original artwork found Here

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Kayle Kayle

Corrupt Kayle

  • The fallen sister. Dark effects, possible new sound effects?

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Kennen Kennen

ElectroRat Kennen

  • A yellow version of kennen. All quotes changed to ‘Kennen, Ken Kennen’

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Kha'Zix Kha’Zix

Jurassic Kha’Zix

  • No words needed.

Infernal Kha’Zix

  • An Assasin that doesn’t need ignite.

Void Army Kha’Zix

  • Corrupted by the Void, takes on a black and purple look, with red eyes

Scarecrow Kha’Zix ( Kha’sticks )

  • A haunting scarecrow appearance of our evolutionary bug.
  • Original artwork found Here

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Kindred Kindred

Reversed Kindred

  • An archer wolf, and a lurking lamb

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Kled Kled

Dragon Trainer Kled

  • Kled, and his dragon in the style of “How to Train your Dragon”

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Kog'Maw Kog’Maw

Puppy Kog’Maw

  • Skinned to look like a fluffy puppy dog.

Battlecast Kog’Maw

  • Takes on a robotic look, hurling oil at his foes

Void Army Kog’Maw

  • Corrupted by the Void, takes on a black and purple look, with red eyes

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LeBlanc LeBlanc

Jester LeBlanc

  • The Juking Joker, of course.

Sandstome LeBlanc

  • LeBlanc takes on an Egyptian style skin, similar to Katarina’s.
  • Drawing by Jilt, found HERE

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Lee Sin Lee Sin

Headless Lee Sin

  • Zombie type Lee sin, without a head. his sonic wave throws his head.

Freljord’s Guard Lee Sin

  • Being immune to hypnotism ( being blind ) he made sense

Personal Trainer Lee Sin

  • Workout Lee Sin, basic shorts and shirt, workout whistle, joggers

Augmented Lee Sin

  • Futuristic technological suit with elemental effects, based of Deus Ex

Unprepared Lee Sin

  • Similar to Unprepared Garen, where Lee basically couldn’t find the right clothes

Drunken Fist Lee Sin

  • Slightly more oriental festive Lee Sin, themed for the Lunar Revel
  • Original splash art found Here

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Leona Leona

Frost Knight Leona.

  • Coldest Crowd Control. explanation on page 20 of the Suggest-A-Skin thread

Feather Knight Leona

  • A feather for a sword, a Pillow for a shield, maybe pyjamas?

Officer Leona

  • Basically a Riot Leona. Blue outfit, Riot Shield
  • Images and Reddit post Here

Firewall Leona

  • A cyber warrior Leona, with an anti-virus shield.
  • Original artwork found Here

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Lissandra Lissandra

Shadow Isles Lissandra

  • Ghostly, chains and other cool stuff

Hammerhead Lissandra

  • Aquatic Lissandra, hammer head shark

Cyborg / Hextech Lissandra

  • An ice queen, in a tomb of 0’s and 1’s. Metallic armor, futuristic feel.
  • Original art found Here

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Lucian Lucian

Disco Lucian

  • An Afro, frill up pants, and rainbow style abilities. Disco Disco!

Wild West Lucian

  • As submitted on OCE player concepts

Headhunter Lucian

  • Similar to Headhunter Rengar, with futuristic weapons.

Frozen Guard Lucian

  • In the intrest of Purifying the world of Evil, Lucian lends a hand to defend from the Watchers

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Lulu Lulu

Poro Trainer Lulu ( winter wonder Lulu )

  • A flying poro accompanies Lulu. Arctic clothing on Lulu

Void Tamer Lulu

  • Void absorbed lulu, with a pet flying Kog’maw

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Lux Lux

Pool Party Lux

  • as seen in Lee Sin’s ‘Splash’ art

Arcade Lux

  • following the arcade theme.

Void Lux

  • Dark purple themed lux, purple spell effects
  • Artwork & Reddit discussion Here

Cheer leader Lux

  • In the name of Demacia! Cheer leader outfit, colorful baton.
  • Original artwork found Here

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Malphite Malphite

Pure Gold Malphite

  • Possibly the most expensive skin in the game. ( lulz )

Sandstone Malphite

  • Made from Sand. Has a small sand castle on his head, with a flag on it

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Malzahar Malzahar

Full Void Malzahar

  • An entire body, corrupted by the void’s power

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Maokai Maokai

Woodland Maokai

  • A leafier version of Maokai, whose saplings are cute, yet deadly, woodland creatures.

Frosted Maokai

  • Takes on a snowy effect, throws Snowballs ( saplings ) that turn into Poros

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Master Yi Master Yi

Infernal Master Yi

  • An infernal skin, Firey dash on his Alpha strike, and an ablaze blade.

Warring Kingdoms Master Yi

  • An old world Eastern look, based off of ‘Xiahou Dun’ from Dynasty Warrior
  • Reference image found HERE

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Miss Fortune Miss Fortune

Vanquisher Miss Fortune

  • Based on Trish, from Devil May Cry

Major Fortune

  • A military themed skin, such as Special forces Gangplank

Heartseeker Miss Fortune

  • A lustful bounty hunter

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Mordekaiser Mordekaiser

Medieval Mordekaiser

  • An old 1300s version

Hue Mordekaiser

  • A festively colored Mordekaiser, new laugh sound

Scorched Earth Mordekaiser

  • Similar design as Scorched Xerath

Pre-Metal Mordekaiser

  • Themed from his lore, when he was first controlling metal

Glacial Mordekaiser

  • Ice instead of Metal

Bandito Mordekaiser

  • Mexican sombrero, giant maraca for his mace, wearing a poncho. Morde es numero uno.
  • Dia De Los Mordekaiser ( Day of the Dead, mexican holiday ) skin found Here

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Morgana Morgana

Ballroom Morgana

  • In fine ballroom attire

Justicar Morgana

  • A bright, Angelic look on morgana, Angelic voice, and golden glow on particles

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Nami Nami

Goldfish Nami

  • A sparkly golden version of our mermaid

Siren Nami

  • A tormented version of Nami

Sea Witch Nami

  • Dark Nami, with black octopus legs
  • Check the concept fan art. HERE

Mecha Nami

  • A robotic fish, with red lazers for all her skills. What’s NOT to love?

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Nasus Nasus

Hip Nasus

  • Nasus in a hip hop get’up from the 80’s. Dawg.

Librarian Nasus

  • With reading glasses. His joke is now a big “SHH”

Bug Collector Nasus

  • Casual summer attire, his cane is now a bug catching net.
  • Original art Here ( found on reddit Here )

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Nautilus Nautilus

Anchorman Nautilius

  • To accompany Forecast Janna

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Nidalee Nidalee

Outback Nidalee

  • A cork hat and country clothes, and her cougar form is a dingo.

Detention Nidalee

  • Throws paper planes, and sets down origami traps. Cougar form is a dog with a “Cone of Shame”

Popstar Nidalee

  • Pink, Stylish, Spear is now a microphone, and cougar form is a pink panther
  • Idea taken from Reddit ( with art ) found HERE

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Nocturne Nocturne

Justicar Nocturne

  • Same amazing glow as Aatrox’s Justicar skin

High Noon Nocturne

  • Takes on a similar look to “Rattlesnake Jake” from the movie ‘Rango’
  • Original post; HERE

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Nunu Nunu


  • Nunu riding a Kangaroo Willump. Would be hard to make the effects relevant.

Sleepy Nunu

  • Willump in a night gown, holding a pillow.

Poro Nunu

  • Willump is a poro! SO CUTE!

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Olaf Olaf

Woad Olaf

  • A traditional style Olaf

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Orianna Orianna

Puppeteer Orianna

  • Orianna controls her ball with strings

Pool Party Orianna

  • As seen in Pool Party Lee Sin’s splash art

Reporter Orianna

  • Orianna, done as a news reporter. Her ball is a floating camera, that looks around. she throws microphones.

Wimbledon Orianna

  • Orianna with a tennis racket, her Q ( if on her ) is she smacks her ball out. Ult is a tennis net

Porcelain Orianna

  • A Porcelain version of Orianna

Arcade Orianna

  • Art on DeviantArt by SenRyuji, pretty epic

Pulseball Orianna

  • Takes on a very TrON look, art on DeviantArt, Animated and all!

Disco Orianna

  • Orianna, with an Afro, 70’s clothes, and a disco ball

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Pantheon Pantheon

Baker Pantheon

  • A derived quote from the movie “300”. What is our profession?

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Poppy Poppy

Dragonslayer Poppy

  • A metallic armor, few blood stains, splash art ontop of a slain dragon ( swain dragon? )

Popstar Poppy Poppy

  • Similar design to the Popstar Ahri skin. Diva status achieved, for Ionia.
  • Reddit thread and apprentice art found Here

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Quinn Quinn

Assasin Quinn

  • Metal themed armor, hood, Valor is an eagle. Based off the Assasins Creed franchise

Debonair Quinn

  • A white dress on Quinn, and Valor is a white dove, or peacock

Nevermore Quinn

  • A Gothic looking Quinn and Valor, regal gothic look.

Pirate Quinn

  • Takes on the look of a Pirate scout, Valor now looks like a parrot

Rogue Quinn

  • A futuristic Quinn,
  • Artwork found;  Here

Dragon Tamer Quinn

  • Valor is now a Dragon. Quinn takes on an armored metal look.

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Rammus Rammus

Echidna Rammus

  • An Echidna version of Rammus. Ok.

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Rek'Sai Rek’sai


  • A Zergling flavor for our void burrower. Brown / orange reskin.
  • Artworks found Here

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Reneketon Reneketon

Robotic Reneketon

  • Takes on a metallic look

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Rengar Rengar

Pirateer Rengar

  • A hook for a hand, he already has an eye patch

Fire Fang Rengar / Volcanic Rengar

  • Rengar, with either a Fire or a Lava feel to him

Bargain Hunter Rengar

  • Hawaiian shirt, and news papers. Always out to get the best deals, and destroy anyone that gets in his way
  • Skin concept artwork found HERE ( or HERE )

Surprise Party Rengar

  • Suggested on the forums, sound effects when coming out of stealth, maybe confetti

Kitty kat Rengar

  • Our predatorial hunter, all cute and stuffs. Kawaii Desu!

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Riven Riven

Soul Reaper Riven

  • Wearing a soul reaper outfit from the series “Bleach”. Turns Bankai during ultimate.

Angellic Riven

  • From the NA forums

Frosted Riven

  • Similar to Championship Riven, but with Ice / Snow particles

Voidwalker Riven

  • Void themed, purple outfit and helmet. Her blade becomes infused with void power.
  • Original artwork found Here

Punk Rocker Riven

  • Riven in punk rock clothing, with a broken guitar for a weapon.
  • Original artwork found Here

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Rumble Rumble

Mecha Rumble

  • Very robotic, similar to Titanfall character design

Rumble Bee

  • A yellow with black stripes mecha for Rumble.

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Ryze Ryze

Archmage Ryze

  • Old, wize mage style of Ryze

Spin Bowler Ryze

  • A Baseball pitcher, with an amazing curve ball

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Sejuani Sejuani

Reverse Sejuani

  • Would probably be a bit disturbing, but funny nonetheless

Vandal Sejuani

  • Sejuani on a furry motorbike, with a makeshift flail

Ghost Rider Sejuani

  • based off the movie ghost rider

Poro Tamer Sejuani

  • Sejuani riding a poro… because

Defender Sejuani

  • Defender of the Freljord

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Shaco Shaco

Seriously Shaco

  • Based on Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in “The Dark Night”

Mime Shaco

  • Creepy, just imagine it.

Doctor Shaco

  • In a lab coat, his knives are syringes, because “Laughter is the best medicine”

Broken Shaco

  • Based off the anime “Darker than Black”, broken mask, perhaps a broken dagger. Less of a jester, more of a psycho
  • Reference  image for his mask Here

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Shen Shen

Powered up Shen

  • A Power Ranger version of Shen

Officer Shen

  • Bulletproof vest and a Riot helmet, wielding 2 Tactical Batons.

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Shyvana Shyvana

Raigeki Shyvana

  • Takes on a Thunder driven look

Frilled Shyvana

  • Takes on the look of a Frilled Lizard

Head Hunter Shyvana

  • HeadHunter themed, green scaly armor, and green dragon.
  • Splash art concept Here

Dragon Fist Shyvana

  • Shyvana with an awesome, japanese warrior feel. Can’t describe it, just…. images.
  • Concept art Here

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Singed Singed

Yeastly Singed

  • “A mad baker” with a chef’s hat / apron, maybe a giant cookie for a shield?

Triathalon Singed

  • Singed with a backpack, dressed in a marathon outfit.

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Sion Sion

Franken Sion

  • A zombie, once broken, reassembled. Screws included.

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Sivir Sivir

Pizza Flipper Sivir

  • A delivery girl Sivir

Raider Sivir

  • Based on Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft.

Lifeguard Sivir

  • Sivir wearing a swimsuit, with an inflatable life saver as her weapon.
  • Original artwork found Here

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Skarner Skarner

Battlecast Skarner

  • on the NA forums, Robotic style
  • Concept art; HERE


  • A fluffy animal version. All his quotes are changed to the word “Scar, Scarner”

Haunted Skarner

  • Breaking his shell reveals a horrific phantom underneath

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Sona Sona

Dubstep Sona

  • Sona with a mixboard. Her auras play different beats, and her crescendo drops the bass. Wubwubwub.

Diva Sona

  • Sona has a Vocaloid mixboard, and takes the appearance of famous Japanese icon Hatsune Miku
  • Image for reference Here

Seasonal Sona

  • Sona takes on the appearance of Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring with her Auras

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Soraka Soraka

Fruit Salad Soraka

  • Wearing a bowl of fruit on her head, and her staff is now a spoon.

Nurse Soraka

  • Takes on the look of a Nurse. Appropriate, because she heals people

Maid Soraka

  • Pretty self explanitory

Fallen Soraka

  • Takes on a Dark, haunting look

Festive Soraka

  • Soraka with a Candy Cane, Starcall is now falling christmas baubles, her horns are now antlers

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Swain Swain

Dragon Swain

  • Has been on NA for more than a year, and more or less confirmed by Rioters
  • Concept Art Here

Beekeeper Swain

  • Uses bees instead of birds. When in ultimate, just a guy screaming “Ahh, bees!” or something

Count Swain

  • A haunting, demonised version of Swain, dressed in Purple with red trimmings. Bird is demon. Spooky.
  • Original art found Here

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Syndra Syndra

Arcade Syndra

  • lots of multicolored balls with arrows, particles and stuff as they move around.

Star Guardian Syndra

  • Similar to Arcade Syndra in a way, but more of an Anime look.
  • Original artwork found Here

Freljord Syndra ( Frozen Syndra )

  • Snowballs or Ice balls, ancient frost dress

Overlord Syndra

  • Over Regal armor, like Overlord Malzahar.

Dodgeball Syndra

  • Fan art I found, a sporty look on syndra, with the balls looking like dodgeballs

Baller Syndra

  • A basketball version of Syndra. Her balll throw now looks like she’s firing a shot.

Haloween Syndra

  • In black and white style horror attire, with skulls for her orbs
  • Reference image Here

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Tahmkench Tahm Kench

Cosplay Tahm Kench

  • Tahm Kench, wearing a Rammus outfit.

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Taliyah Taliyah

Cryocore Taliyah

  • A snowy outfit, and using ice instead of rocks

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Talon Talon

Creed Talon

  • Reference to Assasins Creed franchise

Soul Reaver Talon

  • Dark blue Aether feel, taking on a spiritual look and feel.
  • Original artwork found Here

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Taric Taric

Glacial Taric

  • Taric with mirror / glass armor.

Void Taric

  • Black and purple appearance, Obsidian type effects

Death’s Keeper Taric

  • Dark armor and effects, gothic appearance and weapons, skull on his shield.
  • Original artwork found Here

Debonair Taric

  • Thinks he’s taking Debonair Ezreal on a date. White suit, roses, something for the shield

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Teemo Teemo

Reddit Teemo

  • Teemo, remodelled to look like the Reddit icon

Gummy Bear Teemo

  • A yummy yordle.

Reverse Teemo

  • A mushroom costume’d teemo, with shrooms shaped like yordles

Detention Teemo

  • He spits spit balls, and sets down whoopie cussion shrooms

Marching band Teemo

  • Drums instead of mushrooms, and shoots out of a drumstick

Manmode Teemo

  • Rambo inspired, true warrior of the jungle


  • Teemo with a black and yellow attire. Leaves bee nests instead of shrooms. Poison looks like bees.

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Thresh Thresh

Death Tone Thresh

  • not really sure what the suggestee meant, but sounds awesome.

Country Thresh

  • Indiana Jones attire, hat, and whip. Box takes on a tomb ish look

Demonic Thresh

  • Demon. Horns, and fire, like a demon.
  • Original artwork Here

Full Metal Thresh

  • Hook becomes a cord, Lantern is a metal ball, and his box takes on a cyber look

Arclight Thresh

  • A Divine Thresh, made of holy white, imbued with divine powers.
  • Original concept art Here

Pumpkin Reaper Thresh

  • A harrowing appearance, with a grim hood and a carved pumpkin head underneath.
  • Original artwork Here

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Tristana Tristana

Nerf Tristana

  • Tristana has taken to office warfare, using nerf weapons

Pool Party Tristana

  • Wearing a swimsuit and suncream, wielding a water canon. Deadly fun.

Pulsefire Tristana

  • Discussed for a long time, a futuristic, pulsefire version of Tristana ( the idea became the inspiration to rocket girl tristana )
  • Artwork found Here

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Trundle Trundle

Watcher’s Trundle

  • Trundle has been taken by the Watchers, and he fights for them

Judge Trundle

  • Based off male magistrates in the court of law, Trundle has a hammer of Justice
  • Artwork Here

Anonymous Trundle

  • Trundle taken to the Internets. Guy Fawkes mask, and a Keyboard for a weapon. Pillar looks like a Matrix wall ( green code )

Baker Trundle

  • Trundle with a rolling pin, using flour and icing sugar effects, and his pillar is a wedding cake.

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Tryndamere Tryndamere

Acrobat Tryndamere

  • An acrobatic version of Tryndamere

Friday 13th Tryndamere

  • A demented, chainsaw version of Tryndamere.

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Twisted Fate Twisted Fate

Duelist Twisted Fate

  • Based on the series “Yu-Gi-Oh”, pick a card shows a monster over the target’s head. Dying shows the text “0000 LP” above his head ( similar to arcade sona )

Conman Twisted Fate

  • In a professional black suit.

Smooth Criminal Twisted Fate

  • Michael Jackson inspired attire, and dance moves
  • Original splash art found Here

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Twitch Twitch

Hampster Twitch

  • A reference to hampster dance could also be made

Sponsored Twitch

  • Twitch TV sponsored Twitch.

Poke Twitch

  • Taking on the look of a very familiar electric rat. That may fit in a pokeball.

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Udyr Udur

Masquerade Udyr

  • Udyr takes on a Suit, and changing masks, similar to a masked ball

Death’s Grip Udyr

  • Nature lives, and dies. Grim Udyr, taking on a grim, dead appearance and feel.

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Urgot Urgot

Bikini Urgot

  • I…. no…

Battle Bunny Urgot

  • Seriously?….

Super Galaxy Urgot

  • Finally, a serious Urgot skin… Space age hyperdrive appearance, for our immortal beast.


  • I have no words… just click Here for the art….

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Varus Varus

Underworld Varus

  • Similar to the Underworld Twisted Fate

Arctic Ops Varus

  • Same as Caitlyn / Kennen

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Vayne Vayne

Vandal Vayne

  • Punk high heels, Multi colored punk hair

HeadHunter Vayne

  • From the NA Forums, a more predatorial take on Vayne

Pool Party Vayne

  • Floaties in charge of weapons, tumble animation triggers a splash

Corporate Vayne

  • Business woman look, with makeshift weaponry, forged from office supplies
  • Artwork / Reddit discussion Here

Victorious Vayne

  • Concept for a Victorious skin. Very minimalistic, with emphasis on the crossbow being shaped and colored like the challenger symbol
  • Original artwork Here

Exorcist Vayne

  • A Dark, brooding exorcist look, with gothic style attire and weaponry.
  • Original artwork Here

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Veigar Veigar

Heartseeker Veigar

  • Harnessing the pure power of love, he will trap you in his walls!

Master Veigar

  • He throws pokeball looking things with his Q and ultimate, Veigar, the Pokemon master!

Darth Veigar

  • Cue heavy breathing. Based off “Darth Vader” from the Star wars franchise.

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Vel'Koz Vel’Koz

Natural Vel’Koz

  • A Plant based Vel’Koz

Flaura Vel’Koz

  • Similar to Natural Vel’Koz, but with flowers. Kawaii!

Watcher Vel’Koz

  • Slightly icy, themed around Howling Abyss

Arcade Vel’Koz

  • Skills take on an arcade look, ultimate becomes the shoop da whoop LAZOR

Void Army Vel’Koz

  • Corrupted by the void, takes on a black and purple appearance, his eye is red

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Vi Vi

Pulsefire Vi

  • Similar to Pulsefire Ezreal. Jetpack to propel, Lazers with her E
  • Artwork ( for “Full Metal Vi ) found Here

Watson Vi

  • Teamed up with Sherlock Caitlyn, the dynamic duo. Detective’s coat and hat

Cruiserweight Vi

  • Champion boxer, giant boxing gloves.

Cyberpunk Vi

  • Cyberpunk style would really fit Vi, right? Mechanical retro gloves, and outfit.
  • Splash art Here

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Viktor Viktor

Perfection Viktor

  • Takes on a similar look to iBlitzcrank, smooth robotics

Arcade Viktor

  • Viktor with a robot claw for an arm, and retro effects.
  • Original artwork found Here

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Vladimir Vladimir

21st Century Vladimir

  • Sparkles, wears denim.


  • From the ‘U by Kotex advertisement’, dude wearing maxi pads and sanitizers.
  • Art found Here

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Volibear Volibear


  • A panda version of volibear. Possible quote, “Pandas aren’t bears, you know?”

Metallic Volibear

  • Fanmade skin going around, Volibear as a robot / tank basically

Drop Volibear

  • A koala style Volibear.

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Warwick Warwick

Businessmen Warwick

  • Warwick wears a suit, based off “The wolf of Wall street”

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Wukong Wukong

Wuju Master Wukong

  • Wukong, as if he’s mastered Wuju Style

Pool Party Wukong

  • Wukong in shorts. His staff is now a pool noodle.
  • Artwork found Here

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Xerath Xerath

Arcade Xerath

  • Similar to the other arcade skins, new particles, and possible sound effects when hitting / missing a champion?

Void Xerath

  • Dark purple appearance, and effects.
  • Original artwork found Here

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Xin Zhao Xin Zhao

Pool Party Xin Zhao

  • Bikini, and a pool noodle / umbrella
  • Reference thread Here

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Yasuo Yasuo

Titan Yasuo

  • Based on the Anime, attack on Titan, or whichever.

Shinigami Yasuo

  • Based on the anime, Bleach. Epic, no?

Samurai Yasuo

  • Takes on the look of Samurai Jack.
  • “Martial Yasuo” art found Here

Demonblade Yasuo

  • Similar to the Demonblade Tryndamere skin, Demonic look
  • Original art found Here

Warring Kingdoms Yasuo

  • An old world Eastern look, based off of ‘Zhou Tai’ from Dynasty Warriors
  • Reference image found Here

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Yorick Yorick

Construction Worker Yorick

  • As seen on Summoners Showcase, pretty self explanitory

Crazy Cat Lady Yorick

  • Yorick as an old lady, his ghouls are cats
  • Original thread on NA, found Here

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Zac Zac

Debonair Zac / Double 0 Zac

  • “I’ve got a suit…”

Super Zac

  • Pink, based on Super Buu, from Dragon Ball z franchise

Venom Zac

  • Based on “Venom” from Spiderman 3

Party Pool Zac

  • Rather than Pool Party, Zac is colored like Water. He IS the pool.

Molten Zac

  • A rocky lava Zac

Spaghetti Bueno Zac

  • A spaghetti themed zac, meatballs and all.

Pirate Zac

  • Based on ‘Luffy’ from One Piece. Straw hat included.

Sandman Zac

  • Zac made from sand, pretty much

Fluffy Zac

  • A very cute version of Zac, white or pink. Kawaii!

Summertime Zac

  • Zac = Icecream
  • ” Bannana Sundae Zac” art found Here

Sewn Chaos Zac

  • Zac is a deteriorating plushie, with stitching and fluff stuffing everywhere. His health packs are bits of stuffing, and his passive is bits of his face attatched to stuffing.

Microbot Zac

  • Zac made from thousands of microbots. As he gains and loses health, they fall off, or multiply.

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Zed Zed

Scuba Zed

  • Watery effects, scuba gear.

Light Zed

  • Uses blinding light rather than shadows.

Mecha Zed

  • Imagine TRON Zed, with light saber style blades.
  • Awesome animated splash art Here

Molten Zed

  • our Shadow warrior, with a very hot rework.

Genin Zed

  • Taking on the look of a Naruto character, with shadow clones, and ninja dashes.

Hydra Zed

  • Clones made from water, and watery effects. Death would be him falling into water.

Bread Zed

  • Master of ShaDoughs. because.

Dark world Zed

  • Based off of Noob Saibot, from the Mortal Kombat franchise, darker shadowed Zed
  • Reference image available Here

Minimum wage Zed

  • Zed now washes dishes for a living. His shadows are bubbly and dripping, and he now throws plates for his Q. Death mark is a bubble that eventually pops.

Unmasked Zed

  • Zed without his mask, or maybe his mask is to the side
  • Reference images Here and Here

Prototype Zed

  • Continuing the prototype theme, silver themed metallic armor, and prototype effects.
  • Original art found Here

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Ziggs Ziggs

Ziggs Bot

  • A robotic Ziggs, throwing mechanical bombs

Scrooge Mc Ziggs

  • A very rich ziggs, throwing sacks of money.

Sweet Ziggs

  • Based around Cupcakes, Candy, and 1950’s style clothing

Bomberman Ziggs

  • Like the old NES style bomberman

Crystalline Ziggs

  • takes on a crystal feel of Delicacy, being completely frozen

Paper Ziggs

  • Scrunched up paper balls for bombs, Satchel is origami that explodes to shreds. Ult is a paper ball, but if it travels x distance, it folds to a paper aeroplane.

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Zilean Zilean

Time Lord Zilean

  • Doctor Who reference

Pancake Chef Zilean

  • Giant pancake on his back. Time bombs are kitchen timers.

Fourth Zilean

  • Takes on the look of the Fourth Doctor ( Doctor Who )

Flavor Zilean

  • Wears a clock, like Flava Flav

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Zara Zyra

Deep Terror Zyra

  • An ocean themed skin. Ultimate is a lot of tentacles

Venus Flytrap Zyra

  • Rather self explanitory

Arctic Zyra

  • To prevent the Watchers returning, Zyra lends her now Arctic plants to the cause

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