Volunteer Admin spots at LoLSkinList!

Volunteering for community projects is a great way to make resourceful contacts, and awesome friends. You apply your skills in a team environment, and even learn new ones. The team here at LoLSkinList is small, but hopefully will be steadily growing in size. Think you want to be a part of it? Take a look below at the open positions, and feel free to apply for any that suit you.

Editor, NA

The LoLSkinList editor based in North America
Description: You’ll represent LoLSkinList in the North American region, being the person people contact locally for assistance, cooperative efforts, or general ideas. You’ll contribute original and 3rd party ideas to the skin list, providing context where it’s needed.
Skills; Organisational, Friendly, Basic writing.
To apply, Click Here


Editor, EU

The LoLSkinList editor based in Europe
Description: Just like the NA position, you’ll represent LoLSkinList in the European region, You’ll be the local voice and face of LoLSkinList, helping the local community, and assisting with the construction, and upkeep of integrity of the lolskinlist.
Skills; Organisational, Friendly, Basic writing.
To apply, Click Here


Editor, Asia

The LoLSkinList editor based within Asia
Description: We’re looking to have foreign contacts within the Asian region in differing regions. Specifically within China and Korea, with other regions to come at a later date. As with the other positions, you’ll be the local representation of lolskinlist, contributing and editing as a local representative.
Skills; Organisational, Friendly, Basic writing, High English skills
To apply, Click Here


Assistant Editor

A casual handyman, helping out the LoLSkinList
Description: This is a role for people that want to help out, but may not necessarily have a lot of time or skills. We’ll teach you what you need to know, and you’ll just help out around LoLSkinList as much as you can.
Skills; Organisational, Friendly, Basic writing,
To apply, Click Here


Web Designer

A Creative, Computer Compotent Composer for LoLSkinList
Description: As a Web Designer, you’ll help manage the back end of our website, keeping everything neat, tidy, well structured and presented.Once everything is looking good, you can start getting creative, or just work on casual maintenance tasks.
Skills; Experience in web platforms ( WordPress ect. ), Organisational, Friendly
To apply, Click Here


List Artist

Local artist for LoLSkinList. Not location dependent.
Description: An artist with experience producing concept works of skins, from champion sketches, to full mock splash arts, you’ll make art where-ever your inspiration finds you. All art will be yours to share.
Skills; Artistic Experience, Friendly
To apply, Click Here


Graphics Designer

Graphics Specialist for LoLSkinList. Not location dependent.
Description: As a graphics designer, you’ll make awesome header images and titles, and make our website and posts look all pretty. You don’t need to be a master, you just need to be better than me. Honestly, it’s not hard.
Skills; Graphics Experience, Friendly
To apply, Click Here


Lead Design Artist

Artistic lead and visionary for LoLSkinList.
Description: A more serious position, that requires a bit of leadership and collaboration. You’ll help shape the design of LoLSkinList, and lead the Artistic and Graphics teams to making awesome stuff, leading by example.
Skills; Graphics Experience, Art experience / knowledge. Leadership, Friendly
To apply, Click Here


Resident Time Lord

Instead of future proofing, we’re future proof-reading. 
Description: We’re relatively certain that Time Lords don’t help big businesses in fear of outbalancing the future, but we’re a community project for good, so it should be fine. We’re looking for someone to shape our future, by shaping THE future.
Skills; Time Travel, Survival adept, Dual circulatory systems, Management skills.
To apply, Click Here

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